Lux. championships at 30. Int. Triathlon Echternach

TRILUX organized the 30th edition of the international triathlon in Echternach last saturday. The weather wasn’t dignified for this event as it was raining cats and dogs the whole afternoon making the roads very slippery. Despite a bike crash on a slippery crosswalk, Bob Haller finished the luxemburgish championships on a well-deserved 3rd rank behind […]

Triathlon weekend Echternach

Overall victory by Annette Jaffke at the traditional 29th olympic triathlon in Echternach. Under hot weather conditions, she managed to take the lead shortly after the swim to win easily by more than 11min with an end time of 2h15’54”. Congratulations from the whole team and committee! Our 2 newest members, the twins Christophe and […]

Int. Triathlon Echternach

Very good results from our members at the triathlon event in Echternach this weekend. Team-Triathlon OVERALL NAME 1 Claude Lucas and our sponsor Eric Wagner in Champ-Sys Luxembourg/CAEG 6 Gabriel Sardain/Ermanno Di Miceli/Hadj Zaoui 14 Henriette de Percin/Paul Sardain/Watteler Promo-Triathlon: (out of 113 finishers) OVERALL NAME END TIME 4 Gabriel Sardain 1:03:14 20 Carlo Feltes […]