Jackie Mores and Bob Haller lux. duathlon champs

Jackie Mores and Bob Haller won the national championship titles in the short distance duathlon in Junglinster this sunday. Besides those very good results, there were some more age group titles and youth podiums – please see below the results : ELITE – JUNIOR – AGE GROUPS   (10-40-5km) 01. HALLER Bob 1h56:47   (winner and national […]

Double event on saturday – IM70.3 and IM Mallorca #2

Christian Weyland and Jérôme Ewen raced the longer Ironman distance in Alcudia this saturday – once again with very good results. Jérôme finished in 9h09:07 on 23rd rank overall (8th M35), Christian took 9h12:01 to finish 30th overall, including the 4th fastest bike split overall !!! (8th M40) Jérôme : 0h56:40 – 4h45:14 – 3h20:53 […]

Walfer Vollekslaf – 2nd win for Bob Haller

Second win this weekend for Bob Haller at the traditional Walfer Vollekslaf over 12km. Results : 1. 1. Haller Bob 1. M20 729 LUX X3M Triathlon Mersch 00:36:47 (00:36:46) 25. 23. Kasel Jo 7. M20 256 LUX X3M Triathlon Mersch 00:43:52 (00:43:52) 102. 92. Feltes Carlo 2. M55 764 LUX X3M Triathlon Mersch 00:51:53 (00:51:59) […]

Triathlon Sprint Grevenmacher

On saturday, CAEG organized a sprint triathlon in Grevenmacher, one of the few races this year on the national calendar. Bob Haller won this edition in 58:03min and took the national sprint triathlon title Elite. Congratulations Bob! Carlo Feltes finished 37th in 1h20:25. In the youth & kids categories, best result goes to Leo Weishaar […]

IM70.3 Aix-en-Provence – Brice Faucheux 56th

The IM70.3 Aix-en-Provence was held on sunday where Brice Faucheux aligned to race a demanding course that varies between flat and hilly sections – beautiful landscapes of Provence with the technical roads of the Mountain Sainte-Victoire and then head back to Aix-en-Provence. Brice finished the swim part in Lake of Peyrolles after 31:11min, a good […]

Santi showed strong performance at IM Italy

Santi Calderon raced the Ironman Italy this afternoon and showed an impressive performance on the bike and run segment. After a steady swim in 1h14, Santi rode 5h04 on the 180km and finished with a fast marathon in 3h12!!! His final time of 9h43:49 allowed him to rank on 12th rank in M45 and 87th […]

IM70.3 Luxembourg – 3 podiums for X3M

At the bike&run IM70.3 Luxembourg in Remich (swim has been cancelled due to algea in the lake of Remerschen), the national triathlon LD championships were included in the age group only race. On the women’s side, Danièle Flammang took 2nd rank and Michèle Schmit 3rd podium rank at the national championships. New national champ became […]

IM Frankfurt – Claude Lucas finished 31st overall

This weekend, the IM Frankfurt took place still under strict covid-19 restrictions, but at least a 1100 athletes could jump into the Langener Waldsee on early sunday morning. Amongst all these athletes, 3 X3Mers decided to align in the european IM championships. Best overall performance goes to our professional athlete CLAUDE LUCAS who finished in […]

Sonny Eschette 2nd at the Tower Power Trail

Sonny Eschette raced the 5th edition of the Tower Power Trail over 16km in Weicherdange in nothern Luxembourg. She managed to finish 2nd female overall in 1h32:34, only 6min down to winner Shefi Xhaferaj. On the shorter 6km trail, Jo Kasel performed well in his 1st race for our team – Jo finished 6th overall […]

Olivier Godart wins Slovakman LD triathlon

VERY IMPRESSIVE performance by Olivier Godart at the SLOVAKMAN long distance triathlon in Piešťany [SVK]. Olivier managed to win this race amongst 236 athletes and set a great finishing time of 8h09:21 !!! His splits are tremendous : 53:03 – 4h23:31 – 2h49:23 !!! CONGRATULATIONS from the X3M team !!!

Enzo’s first triathlon @Embrun

15year old Enzo Marzinotto, who joined our team last year to start his triathlon experience, race his first triathlon ever in Embrun [FRA]. He choose the XS distance covering 0.4 – 8 – 2.5km and raced with the men starting group. Enzo showed a steady performance in all 3 disciplines and finished on excellent 40th […]