[Athlete Report] 75km Ultra Trail des Montagnes du Jura

Athlete report Michèle Schmit :

Ultra Trail des Montagnes du Jura, “la renarde” 75km, 2600+m altitude and way more technical than expected but i enjoyed it tremendously

I’m happy with a solid finish and proud of the experience. After two nights of hardly any sleep and keeping no breakfast down on race morning, i’m glad that my body recovered fast, fuelling well and felt great from km 45 onwards. The weather couldn’t have been better for race weekend. And the views and landscape of the Jura mountains in its autumn colours were stunning!!

Big energy boosts to see my sister at the aid stations!! She also took these lovely pictures 🧡 big thanks @carole_caracol

Updated: 05/10/2023 — 00:30