IM Cascais & IM70.3 [POR]

Several athletes raced the 2 IM-branded races in Cascais (southern Portugal near Lisbon).

On the 70.3 distance, Pit Glodt had the fastest race of the day and set a new PB in 4h42:02. (splits : 29:30 – 2h34:52 – 1h30:06). Pit ranked 103rd overall out of 2056 athletes. Chapeau!

Luc Weis finished in 4h56:06 on 214th rank overall (30:57 – 2h31:33 – 1h46:32) followed by Noé Feragotto on 653rd rank (28:01 – 2h47:29 – 2h06:18)

On the IM distance, Eric Gonderinger smashed his PB by finishing in 9h19:06 on 68th rank overall – CONGRATULATIONS!!! (split times : 1h03:03 – 5h02:18 – 3h00:47)

Tom Schmit classified on 143rd rank in 9h55:56 (1h04:50 – 5h14:51 – 3h21:25)

Guiseppe Gavotti finished his 1st IM in 10h15:46 (1h05:18 – 5h27:47 – 3h29:06) on 209th rank

Paulo Santos ran in 10h22:04 on 231st rank (1h08:05 – 5h25:44 – 3h31:03)

Davisd Siebenaler finished in 11h46:57 on 500th rank overall (1h29:07 – 5h57:30 – 4h04:01)

Unfortunately, Santi Calderon dropped out of the race after the swim due to illness… good recovery for you!

Updated: 29/10/2023 — 14:21