Triathlon Weiswampach – RESULTS

Olympic Triathlon (88 athletes) 17. 189 PHILIPPE Ben M 15. M24 10. 28:47 26. 00:40 13. 1:07:27 10. 00:53 32. 41:40 20. 2:19:27 20. 197 KLEIN Isabelle F 3. F40 1. 27:44 22. 01:15 30. 1:09:29 16. 02:56 84. 44:12 26. 2:25:36 54. 126 GENGLER Joe M 42. M24 24. 34:42 54. 01:26 42. 1:23:29 […]

IM70.3 Duisburg – lots of PBs

8 members of our team raced the flat and fast IM70.3 in Duisburg – most of them finished the race with a personal best time !!! Luc Weis had the fastest race of the day with an overall end time of 4h29:36 (personal PB), he ranked 33th in AG M25-29 and 158th overall out of […]

Triathlon Alpe d’ Huez L

Antonio Jimenez and Yann Hoffmann raced the demanding long distance triathlon Alpe d’ Huez on thursday > 2,2km SWIM – 118km BIKE – 20km RUN Please find below their good results : (1278 finisher) 137. 921 JIMENEZ SANCHEZ Antonio 633 44:08 3:16 162 4:58:27 179 1:44 127 1:39:10 Finish 7:26:48 10/216 M35-39 866. 1095 HOFFMANN […]

Athlete report : Gabriel Sardain in Zell

Triathlon Zell an der Mosel Triathlon! 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃🏽 My goal was simple—enjoy the race ,push my limits and to check my current fitness 💪 **700M Swim** 🏊‍♂️: Emerging 6th from the water, I felt strong and ready for the next stage! 🌊💪 **20KM Bike** 🚴‍♂️: The fast and flat course thrilled me, but the wind added […]

IRONMAN Frankfurt – results

Olivier Godart finished on excellent 9th rank overall and won his age group M45 yesterday at the PRO-female Ironman Frankfurt. He finished in fantastic 8h48:25 (0h57:29 – 4h33:18 – 3h10:02). With the fastest bike split of the day, Olivier was leading the race until km10 where he dropped down a bit to 9th overall – […]

Sally Dickes & Gilles Miny Triathlon OD champions

Sally Dickes and Gilles Miny became luxembourgish triathlon champions over the olympic distance on saturday in Echternach. Under poor weather conditions, Gilles had the best bike split despite slippery roads due to heavy rain during the bike part. He won the overall race in 2h10:00 (22:31 – 1h09:29 – 36:34) Sally became 2nd female overall […]

Sub9h for Adrien Rossignon in Roth

Very impressive result by Adrien Rossignon at the Challenge event in Roth last sunday (25.06.2023). For the 1st in his career, Adrien stayed under the 9h barrier by dropping his personal best time down to 8h55:25 (0h56:02 – 4h42:52 – 3h12:05). With this time, Adrien reached the finishline on 99th rank overall and 24th rank […]


News from IronKids Piotr Knapik won IronKids: category – Kids B, 50 children took part (31 boys)! His sister, Julia Knapik 4th place – category – Youth C Links to the results: Piotr: Julia:

IM70.3 Remich national champs

RESULTS IRONMAN 70.3 Remich [LUX] : (2078 finisher) Luxembourgish national triathlon LD titles for Tom Schmit and Sally Dickes !!! Congrats to you both – but also to all our club members who suffered in the heat and heavy weather conditions on sunday. Every finisher deserves a roaring round of applause !!! 102. (4. M45-49) […]


Felix and Jacques Engel participated at the Belval-Laf in Esch-sur-Alzette on sunday afternoon. 11y-old Felix ran the 4.75km side event besides mainly adult runners, but he managed to finish in good 7th rank overall in 19:28min. His younger brother Jacques (2012) won the kids run in 6:09min. (archive picture)

Sylvia Birkle Duro qualified for Hawaii

During the IRONMAN Hamburg last sunday, Sylvia Birkle Duro and Santi Calderon showed impressive performances resulting in a qualification to the IM World championships in Hawaii for Sylvia!!! Congratulations. Sylvia finished 3rd in her age group F35-39 and took an 16th overall rank in the female category by going below the 10h barrier – she […]

IM70.3 Kraichgau

RESULTS IRONMAN 70.3 Kraichgau [GER] : (1996 finisher) Adrien Rossignon finished on excellent 3rd rank in M30-34 and 48th overall out of ~2000 athletes. Dani Flammang finished one step down from the AG podium, but happy to have her back in a race!!! 48. (3. M30-34)  ROSSIGNON Adrien  4h17:04 (27:34 – 2h24:20 – 1h20:49) 233. […]

Triathlon 111 Bilzen [BEL]

This sunday morning, 4 athletes from our team raced the Triathlon 111 in Bilzen near the belgian/dutch border. The 111-format consists in 1km swim, 100km bike and a final 10km run segment. Fastest split of the goes was from Ben Philippe who finished 24th overall out of 362 ranked athletes. 24. (20. H16) PHILIPPE Ben  […]

IM70.3 Aix-en-Provence

4 of our newest athletes raced the demanding IM70.3 in Aix-en-Provence in southern France, unfortunately under poor weather conditions with slight rain and cool temperatures. Nevertheless, our athletes performed very well by setting new PBs in this race. WELL DONE !!! 391. (73. M25-29)   GLESENER Louis 5h06:55 (33:57 – 2h44:45 – 1h36h07) 486. (104. M30-34)  […]

Impressive times at the ING Marathon/Halfmarathon

A bunch of athletes raced the marathon resp. halfmarathon on saturday evening during the ING Marathon event in Luxembourg-City. Perfect weather conditions and nearly no wind – ideal for fast times and new PBs. 19y young Camille Bucciarelli showed a very impressive performance as she took 3rd female rank overall in the 21km race by […]

IM70.3 Mallorca

Very good performances by all our athletes racing the Ironman 70.3 this saturday in Mallorca. On this demanding course, all 8 members showed steady results. Sylvain Georis finished in excellent 4h29:42 on 23rd rank overall (2500 athletes ranked) and had the 2nd fastest run split overall, very impressive though!!! 23. (5. M30) GEORIS Sylvain 4h29:42 […]

Bis’Trail Bissen 17km

The 2nd edition of the 17km Bis’Trail in Bissen [LUX] was a big success – the amount of participants has been doubled this year, perfect weather conditions and a difficult mixture of tarmac and off-road trails were perfectly secured by the organizing team. Pascal Duhautpas took 28th rank overall out of 111 runners in 1h26:59.

Musel-Triathlon Grevenmacher 2023

The national championships over the sprint distance triathlon 0.5-20-5km were organized by CAEG on sunday. Please find below the results of our athletes : KIDS B (2014-2015) 8. 5. Knapik, Piotr 5. MKI-B PLN 00:11:16 KIDS A (2012-2013) 4. 1. Engel, Jacques 1. MKI-A LUX 00:14:36 YOUTH C (2010-2011) 10. 8. Engel, Felix 8. MY-C […]

Powerman Alsdorf – Pit Glodt 76th

Pit took 76th rank in the age group middle distance race over 10-60-10km. (334 athletes ranked) His result : 0:39:21 | 96. 1:25 1:31:35 | 83. 1:04 0:41:39 | 99. 2:55:01 << First race of the season is in the books. Despite minor stomach issues I managed to finish ten minutes faster than expected. Quite […]

Duathlon Junglinster – results

On sunday, the national championships over the classic duathlon distance 10-40-5km were held again in Junglinster. Sally Dickes won the national title and took 2nd overall. On the men’s side, Gilly Miny ranked 2nd on the national podium (3rd overall), followed by Adrien Rossignon on 3rd national rank (5th overall). Belgian athlete Sylvain Georis showed […]

DKV Urban Trail – Results

Today, several runners from our team ran the DKV Urban Trail alongside the most beautiful sightseeing attractions of Luxembourg-City. Please find below the results of the 3 different races : LA GRANDUCALE – 34km (180 runners) 25. LAMBERTY Philippe 3h01:20 30. HOFFMANN Yann 3h06:58 33. ESCHETTE Sonny 3h08:59 (2nd female overall) DANS LES PAS DE […]