Athlete report : Pit Glodt under 5hrs in Menen

Middle Distance Triathlon Menen [BEL]

With mixed feelings we drove to Menen 🇧🇪 The day before the race I was starting to feel nervous and anxious. That evening coach Markus told me on the phone that I should just enjoy the race and don’t focus too much on the numbers shown on the bike computer and sports watch. At this point I’m not going to report in detail how the race itself went. What is more important is the fact, that while preparing my bike in the transition zone before race, I felt completely different than the days and weeks before. Everything felt easy and I felt ready for the race. From the first stroke of the swim on I was focused. On the bike, the second lap I started to feel minor gut issues, but stayed focused. During the run my diaphragm hurt, but I stayed focused. Although Markus told me not to, in the last round of the run leg, I had a look at my watch and realised I would clearly complete the race sub. 5h. With that in mind I was able to increase my pace and crossed the line with pure joy and even a tiny tear in my eyes.

When I look back, I think it was the first race ever, I managed to smile and enjoy from the first minute on. Having your support crew around the race course cheering you up each round made me feel strong and made me smile every single time I saw them. @jeanne @mama @papa

That was an emotional one! I finally smashed the 5 hours barrier on the middle distance course. At the end of the day I crossed the line after 4h40m07s.

🏊🏻 00:33:16
🚴🏼‍♂️ 02:25:23
🏃🏽 01:34:00

So what are my “Lessons learned” for this race? There are tree main lessons:
– Don’t let self-doubt outweigh your positiv thoughts and experiences!
– Believe in yourself. Even tough spectators or fellow triathletes might think you’re possessed by some kind of demon, talk to yourself and tell yourself you can make it!
– Enjoy it!

Some might say that setting yourself such goals puts you in different way under pressure, but it’s exactly this kind of pressure I need to improve myself as an athlete and as a person. It is often being said that triathlon and sports in such will teach you lessons for life. I can now confirm, that this is the true.

Updated: 03/09/2023 — 10:56