Sylvia Birkle Duro qualified for Hawaii

During the IRONMAN Hamburg last sunday, Sylvia Birkle Duro and Santi Calderon showed impressive performances resulting in a qualification to the IM World championships in Hawaii for Sylvia!!! Congratulations.

Sylvia finished 3rd in her age group F35-39 and took an 16th overall rank in the female category by going below the 10h barrier – she finished in the fastest female Ironman time ever in our club in 9h56:07 (1h14:53 – 5h01:59 – 3:30:18).

Santi stayed under the 10 hours as well by finishing on a honorable 354th rank overall out of more than 2040 participants – his end time was 9h55:26 (1h08:16 – 5h01:36 – 3h33:14)

Unfortunately, our 3rd participant Kim Rohmann dropped out of the race after the 1st lap of the bike segment…

Updated: 06/06/2023 — 17:59