Sub9h for Adrien Rossignon in Roth

Very impressive result by Adrien Rossignon at the Challenge event in Roth last sunday (25.06.2023). For the 1st in his career, Adrien stayed under the 9h barrier by dropping his personal best time down to 8h55:25 (0h56:02 – 4h42:52 – 3h12:05). With this time, Adrien reached the finishline on 99th rank overall and 24th rank in his age group. Congratulations for this achievement.

Ben Philippe, for his first LD triathlon ever, did extremly well too – he finished in 9h28:41 on 266th rank overall. His splits : 1h01:44 – 4h38:13 – 3h44:15

In the relay event, Tom Schmit and Alex Weishaar raced the bike segment each for theit correspondant relay team. Tom did a 4h50 split for the Ironspakelter (24. in 9h11:40), Alex finished his bike part in 5h36:01 for Tri-MPM (82. in 10h28:20)

Updated: 03/07/2023 — 08:21