IM70.3 WC Lahti/Finland – impressive results

Impressive results by our 6 athletes at the IM70.3 World championships in Lahti/Finland.

  • Adrien ROSSIGNON had the fastest overall time of our athletes by finishing in 4h08:53, allowing him to finish in 29th rank overall in tough age group M30-34.
  • Olivier GODART came in close in 4h09:30 – with this end time, he ranked 2nd in M45-49 and got the vice world champion IM70.3 title !!! What an achievement once again!!!
  • GEORIS Sylvain  –  4h21:29  –  105th M30-34 / 424th overall out of 3321 athletes
  • GAVOTTI Guiseppe  –  4h42:17  –  119th M45-49 / 1280th overall
  • ECKER Samantha  –  5h01:00  –  67th in F30-34 / 297th overall out of 2001 female participants (!!)
  • DICKES Sally  –  5h08:33  –  97th in F30-34 / 423th overall

Athlete report – Olivier Godart
Wow what a race. That was awesome. Still buzzing from it. @visitlahti_official did live up to its expectations. On race day not quite my favoured conditions but that was a very strong possibility for it to be bad weather. I told myself: just enjoy it and soak it all up. We went off last and just had rain all the way. Low teens 12c air temp and some wind in places made it really really hard but one of my strengths is to adapt, hang in there, and get the most out of it. I lost a lot of time on the bike, lets face it going fast and turning in rain i cant do it. Approx 8 9 min. Normally in dry conditions i do 2.04 2.05 on a 800m elev course any day. But thats cool. 🥈 was the best i could do on the day. @donald_brooks_tri had a super day and put up the top performance. Very well done and big congrats to him and the other guys on the podium. 👏👏👏

It was a memorable experience and one that i wont forget. @visitlahti_official has a special magic to it and it totally captured me. I did not see Santa Claus though…..

Athlete report – Sally Dickes
Hands up 🙌 not because the performance was exceptional, but because a wish came true to participate in an Ironman 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 😁

In Lahti I had some technical problems and I could not show my usual performance that day, but nevertheless I was more than happy crossing the finishline and I am very satisfied about the progress and the results of the season 🤩 #patienceiskey
Thanks to all those who support me 🥰🫶

Lahti 70.3 WC – 5h08 – P423/2001 – P97AG

Athlete report – Samantha Ecker
Ironman 70.3 World Championships – 🏁Finish time 05 hrs 01 – 67th in the 🌍 (AG 30-34), 297th in the women’s race (2,001 finishers) and first 🇱🇺women.

🏊‍♀️: Had the impression of having swum well and pushed hard, but once out of the water I was quickly disappointed. At such a high level, such a slow swim isn’t forgivable. Well at least we know what to work on the upcoming off-season, but for now we’ll go with that.
🚴🏼‍♀️: Fantastic course with rolling hills where I had great fun spending most of the time on the left side passing the faster swimmers.
🏃🏼‍♀️: A very strenuous and mentally tough course that unfortunately had very few spectators. Despite the course, I’m glad I was able to get another solid run in after pushing hard on the bike.

All in all a fantastic experience and a positive outcome confirming good progress both on the bike and on the run.

Thanks to everyone who supported me from near and far for your messages and encouragement, thank you to my coach François Reding and the entire Team Running Concept, to SG Nutrition 4U for the perfect nutrition plan as well as to my sponsors, who made it possible for me to take part in such events.

Updated: 03/09/2023 — 11:55