12. Ardenner-Trail

Carlo Feltes and Marc Matgen ran the half-marathon trail in Koetschette (ouest of Luxembourg). On this hilly trail (altitude difference 540m), Marc reached rank 103 in 2h12:44, closely followed by Carlo Feltes on rank 104 in 2h13:12.

Pierre Rossler and Guy Theissen raced the 10K Trail sprint (+/- 260 M+) on saturday morning in Koetschette. Pierre finished 26th out of 105 in 52:11 and Guy crossed the finish line ranked 15th in 48:07.  Well done to all of you!

tableRESULTS – 12. Ardenner-Trail – 21km

tableRESULTS – 12. Ardenner Trail – 10 km
Profil 21 km