8h08 for Olivier Godart in Podersdorf [AUT]

Olivier Godart showed another outstanding performance by finishing the long distance race at Austria Triathlon Podersdorf in 8th position in 8h8min. Good job!
Report by O. Godart :
Yo now that i had a little time to let it sit, i am really thankful and appreciative of the recent past. Athletically in the past 5 weeks i realized my 2 best Ironman performances ever. I couldnt have done it any better than 8.19.00 @slovakman.official and 4 weeks later 8.08.00 @austria_triathlon . These memories will stay with me forever. I am very satisfied and have nothing left to prove over the Long Distance. The end of this chapter is written and i can close the Long Distance book. I will focus on other goals now. I am deeply thankful to my closest peeps around me. I love you guys. Also big thank you to all the support i have received from the triathlon community around the world. See you out there and enjoy it.

Updated: 14/09/2020 — 11:51