Month: November 2014

4. Nikloslaf Esch/Alzette

Good results from our athletes at the 4. Nikloslaf in Esch/Alzette this morning. Mariette Brosius finished 22nd on the 6km in her first race as a X3M member. Well done Mariette! Chris Doyle finished 8th overall in 23:13 and Jean-Claude Schmitz came in on 11th rank overall in 24:10.

10km DEULUX Run Langsur [GER]

Great Job to all X3M’s @ 10,150km Run Langsur Deulux-Lauf Here are the Results: Peters Sam 39’01 Christopher Doyle-tri 39’03 Jean-Claude Schmitz 39’52 Yves Koch 39’58 Carlo Feltes 40’01 Sven Goergen 43’42 Cyril Henricot 44’13 Marc Matgen 46’32 Patrick Thill 50’28 Nora Oliboni 55’23 Nina Gorges 57’22 Mariette Brosius 1’01’22”

Excellent results from the Emirates

Our 2 PRO-members of the team, Olivier Godart (new recrutee from the last transfer period) and David Claerebout, aligned at the inaugural triathlon in Dubai [UAE] covering the middle distance of 1.9-90-21km. The swim was held in calm water off the Atlantis. The cycling portion of the event went along Hessa Street to Dubai Sports […]