5 FLA transferts approuved

5 ‘new’ recrutees have joined X3M from other clubs this year. Former athletes Oli Gorges, Dani Flammang and Sam Peters returned back to X3M. Philippe Lamberty, national triathlon LD champion in 2018, joined X3M from CAB. Lisa Ries, who joined already back in 2017, transferred her FLA licence to X3M too, coming from CAEG. WELCOME to our new […]

FLTRI cadres with 7 X3M athletes

FLTRI has published the cadres for 2018 with some positive changes for our X3M team members. Olivier Godart and Bob Haller remained in the A-team cadre, Olivier in the LD A-cadre and Bob in the OD A-cadre. Claude Lucas has been nominated in the LD C-cadre for the 1st time. Maya Proess, Noémie Ries, Leo […]

New Sponsoring concluded

We are proud to announce a new sponsorship deal with the excellent italian restaurant OSTERIA DI NIEDERANVEN s.à.r.l.. X3M Triathlon Mersch would like to thank Mr. Pianon and his team for the confidence and trust they place in us for the coming season. OSTERIA DI NIEDERANVEN s.à.r.l. 2, rue de Münsbach L-6941 Niederanven Tél.: +352 […]

Yearly A.G. in Mersch [in german]

Generalversammlung des X3M Triathlon Mersch Mit neuem Präsidenten ins Jubiläumsjahr Am vergangenen Samstag hielten die Verantwortlichen des Merscher Triathlonvereins ihre vierte Hauptversammlung ab. Neben den Ehrengästen Georges Klepper (FLA) und Kevin Schroeder (FLTRI) hatten sich 30 Mitglieder im Outlet von „Freelander’s“ auf dem Merscherberg eingefunden. Nachdem Hauptsponsor Alex Kapp die Anwesenden begrüßt hatte und dem […]

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