Month: November 2022

Athlete report : Olivier Godart 3rd @IM Israel

Athlete report from Oli Godart : Yo, and shalom from @ironmanisrael in Tiberias. Historic-cultural very important place in the world. Came in early and stayed @galeikinneret next to Transition. 5 star hospitality. Came also to race and thats,what i did. Weather did not play ball at all. But thats,outdoor sports for you. You have to […]


Please find below the results of our runners at the 10km road race in Langsur : 62. 58.  Schmit, Tom 12. M35 1987 LUX 00:37:33 142. 131.  Peter, Maxime 18. M30 1988 FRA 00:41:40 190. 19.  Dziadek, Anja 4. W35 1987 LUX 00:43:09 994. 646.  Koch, Yves 76. M35 1984 LUX 01:12:40

DEULUX Langsur – Bambini run

Piotr Knapik (born in 2015) won the Bambini race over 250m at the traditional road race in Langsur. Despite the fact that he broke his shoe at the beginning of the race, he won the gold one! 🙂 It is nice that he did not give up! His sister Julia Knapik finished 13th in WU12 […]