Athlete report : Olivier Godart 3rd @IM Israel

Athlete report from Oli Godart :

Yo, and shalom from @ironmanisrael in Tiberias. Historic-cultural very important place in the world. Came in early and stayed @galeikinneret next to Transition. 5 star hospitality. Came also to race and thats,what i did. Weather did not play ball at all. But thats,outdoor sports for you. You have to deal with everything that comes at you: wind, rain, mean rain, spikey rain, slippery roads, constant rain on the run, humidity, cold, mean waves.

I had a lot of adversity and persevered through it. Won against myself. Biggest fight i ever had in triathlon.

Won my AG 🥇in 8h 43 and got 🥉 overall.

A big up to all those,who cheered volunteered, spectated and raced to finish this gruelling test. Well done.

@ironmanisrael rocks. A big thanks to Mr. Sylvan Adams and Mr. Elad Mainz and their to make this event happen.

I am grateful, thankful, and appreciative.

Peace out.

Updated: 27/11/2022 — 22:43