Month: April 2023

Musel-Triathlon Grevenmacher 2023

The national championships over the sprint distance triathlon 0.5-20-5km were organized by CAEG on sunday. Please find below the results of our athletes : KIDS B (2014-2015) 8. 5. Knapik, Piotr 5. MKI-B PLN 00:11:16 KIDS A (2012-2013) 4. 1. Engel, Jacques 1. MKI-A LUX 00:14:36 YOUTH C (2010-2011) 10. 8. Engel, Felix 8. MY-C […]

Powerman Alsdorf – Pit Glodt 76th

Pit took 76th rank in the age group middle distance race over 10-60-10km. (334 athletes ranked) His result : 0:39:21 | 96. 1:25 1:31:35 | 83. 1:04 0:41:39 | 99. 2:55:01 << First race of the season is in the books. Despite minor stomach issues I managed to finish ten minutes faster than expected. Quite […]

Duathlon Junglinster – results

On sunday, the national championships over the classic duathlon distance 10-40-5km were held again in Junglinster. Sally Dickes won the national title and took 2nd overall. On the men’s side, Gilly Miny ranked 2nd on the national podium (3rd overall), followed by Adrien Rossignon on 3rd national rank (5th overall). Belgian athlete Sylvain Georis showed […]

DKV Urban Trail – Results

Today, several runners from our team ran the DKV Urban Trail alongside the most beautiful sightseeing attractions of Luxembourg-City. Please find below the results of the 3 different races : LA GRANDUCALE – 34km (180 runners) 25. LAMBERTY Philippe 3h01:20 30. HOFFMANN Yann 3h06:58 33. ESCHETTE Sonny 3h08:59 (2nd female overall) DANS LES PAS DE […]

New PBs for Junck and Jacquelin

Adrien Jacquelin ran the Marathon Hamburg this sunday and set a new personal best time under the magical 3h barrier : his official end time of 2h55:25 allowed him to finish on 315th rank overall out of +6600 runners Alex Junck raced the half marathon in Zurich and finished in 1h30:05, he ranked on 326th […]

Ouschterlaaf Grevenmacher 10km – Results

Please find below the results of the 45. Ouschterlaaf in Grevenmacher on easter monday, once again under perfect running conditions : Rank Name AG rank AG Year Bib NET/OFFICIAL 23. Majerus, Thierry 1. M50 1971 744 00:37:59 (00:38:01) 36. Zambrano, Steven 7. M20 1995 584 00:39:53 (00:39:56) 52. Persuric, Sebastian 17. M30 1992 779 00:42:10 […]

Triathlon 111/55.5 Portocolom [ESP]

Today, 3 members of the Bucciarelli family took part in the Triathlon 55.5 Portocolom in Mallorca, covering a 500m swim distance, 50km on the bike to conclude with a flat 5km run part. Best results goes to Camille, who finished in 2:23:09h on excellent 78th rank overall, 4th female overall and 1st Junior female of […]