Triathlon 111/55.5 Portocolom [ESP]

Today, 3 members of the Bucciarelli family took part in the Triathlon 55.5 Portocolom in Mallorca, covering a 500m swim distance, 50km on the bike to conclude with a flat 5km run part.

Best results goes to Camille, who finished in 2:23:09h on excellent 78th rank overall, 4th female overall and 1st Junior female of the race!!!

Brice, Camille’s father, ranked 93rd overall and 17th in VET1M-category in 2:25:36h. Anne took 2:43:42h to finish 9th in VET1F-category.

On the longer 111-distance, Anja Dziadek finished on excellent 9th female rank overall in 4:53:03h and 3rd in the FSENIOR category.

Updated: 10/04/2023 — 02:07