32. Sylvesterlaf Rambrouch

Several runners have chosen a road race to conclude the year 2015 and to burn some calories before the traditional new year’s eve banquets… 😉

In Rambrouch, the traditional hilly 10km road race was held for the 32nd time with a new participation record of more than 600 runners overall. Best result goes to David Claerebout who finished 38th in 39:35min net, followed by Pascal Duhautpas on 82nd rank overall in 42:26min, Claude Lucas on 115th position in 43:32min and Pierre Rossler (who ran together with his son) in 53:09min.

In the kids category (2005-2010), Emmi Duhautpas (2007) finished the 1.2km in 6:16min on 5th female overall and 2nd female in Benjamine category. Ben Smallbone (2005) finished 3rd in M10 in 6:46min. Well Done!

tableRESULTS – 32. Sylvesterlaf Rambrouch

DSC02521 DSC01968 DSC01701 DSC_7669 455~75

(Pictures by sylvesterlaf.lu, Edith Ludivig, Fernand Schmitz)

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