Aquathlon Coque 2017

On sunday, several athletes from X3M signed in at the 5th EES Aquathlon in the Olympic Pool & Arena at Kirchberg.

Carlo Feltes was eliminated after 1st round in the Elite field after a 250m swim and 1km run in the arena. Gavin Hodgson and Antoine de Groote cancelled their participation and helped out FLTRI as referees at the event. Thanks for your support!

tableRESULTS – Aquathlon Elite Series

As of january, X3M and CAEG Grevenmacher started a cooperation at the kids’ training level so a group of 12 kids were coached by X3M-coach Pascal Duhautpas and CAEG-coach Josiane Schwartz. The kids have shown a very good motivation and enthusiasm, so some very good results were achieved at the end of the series and final races.

Kids results Aquathlon 2017

tableRESULTS – 5th EES Aquathlon 2017

Updated: 17/01/2017 — 14:53