Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

Race report from Jean-Claude Schmitz :

‘Yes, I am an Ironman, but…
Today’s race was amazing: i had a really good swim, an entered T1 after 1:07:00. I took my time to put on warm clothes, becauses it was really chilly.
The bike was extremely hard because of the strong headwinds blowing on the coast, and there was no time to recover from this effort. I had some stomach issues due to my nutrition, even though I had tested on numerous occasions, so I suffered on the first 21km of the marathon, until I switched to cola, which the organiser provided. I must have been drinking 1,5 liters (yes, until a year ago, this was my daily dosage of coke).
The last part of the marathon was still tough, but the joy of becoming an Ironman was stronger than the pain, and I was confident and ran with a huge smile. The finish is a big reward for the time an effort I invested in this project. This would not have been possible without the constant support of my caring wife.

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Updated: 04/08/2015 — 04:34