DKV Urban Trail – heavy wind and rain

Some of our athletes participated at the 6th edition of the DKV Urban Trail through the different districts of Luxembourg-City. Unfortunately, the weather was quite severe this year – heavy rain showers and strong winds, that pushed over a number of barriers along the track, did not dampen the enthusiasm of the runners.
Best result goes to Antoine Lallier who finished on an extremly good 3rd rank overall in the 27km race. Well done!

Find below the results from our athletes :

13km short distance trail (1240 finishers)
212. Marc Matgen 1:09:50
resultlisticonRESULTS – DKV Urban Trail 13km

27km medium distance trail (384 finishers)
3. Antoine Lallier 1:57:10
21. Sam Nilles 2:09:01
38. Emiliano Laruccia 2:14:51
resultlisticonRESULTS – DKV Urban Trail 27km

34km long distance trail (223 finishers)
139. Maria Elisa Peiretti 3:33:18
resultlisticonRESULTS – DKV Urban Trail 34km

Updated: 11/07/2015 — 16:35