11235055_10153141972038823_6149332766759467861_nChris Rola, vice-president of X3M Triathlon Mersch, sent some encouraging news from hospital :

Hello everyone, as most you know, I had a health scare almost a month now. I had a ruptured aneurysm that caused internal bleeding and thanks to my wife’s quick thinking I was at the clinic then at centre hospitalier neurosurgeon’s operating table in a matter of minutes. I was put in an induced comatose for 3 weeks and woke up a week ago. I spent almost the entire month in in the ICU in the care of the best nurses ever. I am now in process or recovery, met new friends – Quentin, Evan and Mark who are my therapists. They are helping me learning how to walk again – still can’t walk on my own, me being a lefty, my right side is still useless but I will get there slowly but surely 🏊🚴🏃 thanks again to my superwife, my parents in law who flew all the way from ARG, to my family and friends thanks for all your prayers. God is Good!


Updated: 13/11/2015 — 08:00