IM70.3 Kraichgau

Claude Wurth raced the IM70.3 Kraichgau on sunday, despite not having recovered from an illness with antibiotics. Unfortunately, he suffered a lot during the race and he never could show his real strength.

Nevertheless, he crossed the finish line – congratulations for your IRON WILL!

M40-44 :   174. Wurth, Claude  LUX 0:45:05 (1.553.) 2:51:30 (868.) 1:48:12 (912.) 05:34:36

13336111_10153876537787701_682658595082266211_n 13406990_10153876537592701_7538962621396244867_n 13343097_10153876536117701_3661851642597956369_n 13417689_10153876535667701_7855006047591041741_n 13335832_10153876534487701_8329042582791029594_n 13332822_10153876533662701_8615070532617901921_n

Updated: 28/06/2016 — 16:41