IM70.3 Wiesbaden

The Sparkassen Finanzgruppe IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship has become legendary for its tough course and competitive field. Athletes start their day with a 1.9km swim in Lake Raunheimer Waldsee before hitting the spectacular 90km bike ride with lots of climbs and swift, technical decents. The 21.1km run leads the athletes through a four-loop rolling course which tends to attract some of the sport’s fastest runners.

Several luxemburgish athletes raced this year’s event under cloudy and heavy weather conditions. Best club result goes to Sam Peters, followed by Sam Nilles and Claude Wurth. About 1750 athletes finished the race, please find below the results in detail :
268. Sam Peters in 5:02:35h [29:54/2:49:03/1:37:46]
737. Sam Nilles in 5:38:52h [34:56/3:05:20/1:49:57]
1145. Claude Wurth in 6:04:55h [40:53/3:14:34/1:58:53]

Please find below the results of our training mates, who regularly train with us :
W59. Tania Hoffmann in 5:37:09h [34:46/3:12:07/1:44:20]
1672. Steve Dasthy in 7:22:18h [48:00/3:50:51/2:34:49]

And last but not least the ‘green’ team THE KERMITS (Patrick Thill-Nathalie Bart-Dan Gonnering) who finished in 5:50:44h [38:18/3:29:09/1:39:38]




Updated: 04/08/2015 — 04:53