Jackie Mores and Bob Haller lux. duathlon champs

Jackie Mores and Bob Haller won the national championship titles in the short distance duathlon in Junglinster this sunday.

Besides those very good results, there were some more age group titles and youth podiums – please see below the results :

ELITE – JUNIOR – AGE GROUPS   (10-40-5km)

01. HALLER Bob 1h56:47   (winner and national duathlon champion elite)
07. BRUST Moris 2h09:44
08. MINY Gilles 2h09:48   (national duathlon champion junior)
21. HIGUERA Javier 2h20:21
24. KOCH Yves 2h21:21   (national duathlon champion M35)
38. MORES Jackie 2h27:26  (winner and national duathlon champion elite)
39. DICKES Sally 2h28:38
43. PERSURIC Sebastian 2h30:21
50. EVORA Gullu 2h40:01
51. ECKER Samantha 2h40:25   (national duathlon champion W25)

PROMO – YOUTH A   (5-20-2.5km)

8. BUCCIARELLI Camille 1h08:07  (national duathlon vice-champion YouthA fém.)
10. FELTES Carlo 1h10:46

YOUTH B – YOUTH C   (2.5-10-1.25km)

6. MARZIINOTTO Enzo 34:54  (3. podium YouthC masc.)
10. BUCCIARELLI Remi  36:37
14. MOUSEL Sarah 37:49

KIDS A – KIDS B   (1-4-0.5km)

39. HIGUERA Raquel   26:24

BAMBINI  (2014/2015)

5. HIGUERA Samuel   4:49

Pictures : @sportfotos.lu

Updated: 21/10/2021 — 07:47