Leo Weishaar 2nd at the 1500m in Langsur

On saturday, the traditional Deulux run was held at the lux/german border in Langsur. The main race was covering a distiance of 10km, several adult X3M-runners took part to set a first 10km-time for the upcoming season.

Best time goes to Fabrice Faucheux who finished on 25th rank overall in very good 34:44min. (4th in M40) Yves Koch took 37:38min to cross the line on 76th rank. Carlo Feltes finished 162nd in 40:35, Evelyne Wagner on 58th female rank and 6th in W50 with a final time of 47:19. Claire Metzdorff finished in 50:42min on 110th female rank. (1237 finisher)

Leo Weishaar finished 2nd overall on the youth run covering 1500m. He set a new PB on this distance by finishing in 5:16min. Good job Leo!!!

Ergebnisliste – 28. Int. DEULUX Lauf 2019 – 10 km Bitburger 0,0% Hauptlauf

Ergebnisliste – 28. Int. DEULUX Lauf 2019 – 1500m Volksbank-Jugendlauf (2004-2007)

Updated: 13/11/2019 — 08:30