National cross championships

After the national cross championships have been cancelled on 10th of march due to heavy storm, the race has been transferred to a new date and place. On the 23rd of march, the championships were held by CSL/FOLA in Baambësch.

Please find below the results from our athletes :

ELITE RACE (10420m) – 18 finisher

13. KOCH YVES  41:05min

DEBUTANTS MASCULINS (1110m) – 63 finisher


SCOLAIRES MASCULINS (1940m) – 56 finisher
8. SCHILTZ FINN  6:58min

MINIMES FEMININS (2620m) – 38 finisher

13. RIES NOEMIE  10:51min

MINIMES MASCULINS (2970m) – 40 finisher
21. SMALLBONE BEN  11:20min
24. SEIDEL LUCA  11:33min
27. WEISHAAR LEO  11:50min

RESULTS – National Cross Championships 2019

Pictures by Harry Daemen and Jean-Paul Schmit (taken from FLA)


Updated: 29/03/2019 — 09:56