National duathlon championships in Ehlerange

Very exciting and promising results at the national duathlon championships in Ehlerange this sunday. On a very demanding race course (10-40-5.5km) with strong winds and moderate heat, our athletes showed very good performances throughout the day with some podium appearances and national age group titles.

Best performance in the Elite field goes to Claude Lucas who finished on a very strong 9th rank overall, only 1 step down the national elite podium! Well done Claude!

2nd X3M athlete of the day was Carlo Feltes on 2nd rank AG_M50 and 30th overall, followed by Pascal Duhautpas on 39th rank overall. Guy Theissen finished 56th, Claude Hau 63rd and Claire Metzdorff 67th – by the way, Claire took the national title in W50 today! Congratulations!

Unfortunately, Gavin Hodgson had to quit the race during the bike.

In the youth/kids categories, our kids from the combined X3M/CAEG training group did very well today.


Jules Moog (CAEG) won the overall race and Stella Heyart (CAEG) finished 2nd in her first duathlon ever

KIDS A (2006/2007) & YOUTH C (2004/2005) :   (duathlon championships for Youth categories only)

  • 8. Leo Weishaar (CAEG)  (5th YCM)
  • 10. Tom Heyart (CAEG)  (2nd KAM)
  • 11. Arnaud Werner (CAEG)  (7th YCM)
  • 12. Finn Schiltz (X3M)  (3rd KAM)
  • 13. Noémie Ries (CAEG)  (vice-champion YCF)
  • 14. Mathis Moog (CAEG)  (4th KAM)
  • 17. Noa Langer (X3M)  (3rd YCF)
  • 19. Ben Langer (X3M)  (6th KAM)
  • 22. Leopold Strauss (X3M)  (9th KAM)
  • 23. Emmi Duhautpas (X3M)  (2nd KAF)
  • 24. Lisa Ries (CAEG)  (3rd KAF)

YOUTH A (2000/2001) & YOUTH B (2002/2003) : 

  • 3. Jil Langer (X3M)  (champion YBF)

RESULTS – Age group championships

RESULTS – Duathlon Ehlerange overall 2017

Copyright pictures : Anja & Jeff Koep, Corinne Kraus
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