Olivier Godart 11th at the YAS Triathlon Abu Dhabi

12902108755_63b78a8a4bOlivier Godart raced the YAS Olympic Triathlon Abu Dhabi this weekend.

Swim the Yas Marina, transition the Grand Prix pits, Cycle the 5.5K track and Run through the Yas Marina to finish this 6th edition of the region’s only day to night triathlon.


Despite having some stomach problems during the run part, Olivier managed to keep the cadence high to finish on very good 11th rank overall in 1:51:04. His split times :

  • 1500m Swim in 00:19:26
  • 48.5km Bike in 00:52:52  (=43.1km/h) !!!
  • 10km Run in 00:36:47

Olivier Godart TriYas 2016-2

Updated: 29/02/2016 — 13:14