Spring Water Triathlon Rosport

Good participation (18 athletes) and results from our athletes at the Springwater Triathlon in Rosport on sunday.

Elite race 1.5-45-8km (113 finisher)

Danièle Flammang took 3rd rank overall on this non-drafting triathlon over 1.8-45-8km. After 2h32:17 Danièle crossed the finishline on 41st rank overall. Good job!

On the men’s side, best result of the day goes to Sam Peters who ranked 19th overall in 2h21:02. Yves Koch followed on 33rd position in 2h30:16, Emiliano Laruccia finished in 2h31:11 on 36th rank overall and Pit Glodt took 54th rank in 2h35:35.

Last but not least, Yves Origer finished on 100th position (3h01:18) for his first race under the X3M flag – welcome Yves! One step behind on 101st rank, Emanuele Criscione finished his first OD distance triathlon in 3h02:08 – chapeau Emanuele!

Spring Water Triathlon Elite

Promo Triathlon 0.8-15.4km (61 finisher)

Best result in the shorter promotional triathlon goes to Gavin Hodgson on 4th position in 59:20min. Despite being declared as a draft-legal race, some athletes were equipped with aerobars which didn’t make it fair for others (like Gavin) who had normal bikes with no bars…

15. Gian-Marco Bartolini in 1h07:50
18. Alain Jungen in 1h08:33
33. (and 6th female) Manon Kirsch in 1h14:24
41. Claude Hau in 1h17:26
49. Claire Metzdorff in 1h19:07
55. Carlo Feltes in 1h21:38


YOUTH B&C combined 0.4-10-2km (20 finisher)

Benjamin Smallbone took 2nd overall in 30:24min leading Luca Seidel on 3rd by 59sec.

Springwater2019-Youth C und B

KIDS A 0.2-4-1km (16 finisher)

Harry Smallbone finished on 2nd rank too today after 19:19min in Kids-A race.

Springwater2019-Kids A

KIDS B 0.1-2-0.4km (7 finsiher)

Sebastien Hodgson reached 7th rank in 13:53min

Springwater2019-KIds B

Updated: 22/07/2019 — 08:05