Triathlon Echternach – lux. championships

This weekend, the luxembourgish triathlon OD championships were incorporated in the 34th edition of the international triathlon Echternach. Hot and heavy weather conditions were forcing the athletes to dig deep in one’s energy resources…
On saturday, our kids were aligned for the kids and youth championships. Noémie Ries managed to win the title in female Youth C category (2003-2006). Leo Weishaar took 3rd rank in the male Youth-C category and 8th overall. Congratulations! Luca Seidel finished 10th overall, Ben Smallbone 14th overall and Finn Schiltz, who ran 1 lap too much, took 25th rank.

RESULTS – SPUERKEESS Youth Triathlon (2003 – 2006)

In the Spuerkees Kids triathlon (2007-2010), Hana Kapinajová and her brother Matúz Kapinaj finished their first triathlon for our team on 30th resp. 26th rank overall. Well done!

Carlo Feltes took 17th rank in the sprint promotional triathlon in 1h15:07, followed by Claude Hau on 26th position. [109 finisher]

RESULTS – Sprint Triathlon Echternach

In the international OD triathlon, Claude Lucas showed the best performance, but missed the podium once again by finishing on 4th national position and 6th rank overall. Nevertheless, well done Claude!

Yves Koch finished 13th overall, Emiliano Laruccia 31st, Ben Dellucci 63rd and Roger Clesse 74th

RESULTS – Triathlon OD Echternach

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