Triathlon ‘Light on Tri’ L de Madine [FRA]

Jean-Claude Schmitz and Emanuele Criscione used the rare opportunity to race a triathlon in 2020. Around the beautiful lake of Madine [FRA], both X3M athletes chose the L distance covering the classic 70.3 distance over 1.9km (reduced to 1.5km) – 90km (with D+ 1100m) – 21km.

Emanuele’ s first race over this distance was a success, he finished in 5h26:23 [34:25-2h51:59-1h54:25] on 83th rank, see below his report :

My first triathlon half distance race finally took place in Madine (FR).
Overall it was a magnificent experience from the swim part to the run (fighting a little bit with muscle cramps but I’ve finished what I’ve started 🙌).
Obviously there is still a lot of work to do but I’m positive and always looking forward to meeting a better version of myself, day after day.
Jean-Claude showed a steady performance in all 3 disciples and finished in 5h12:57 [27:29-2h52:26-1h48:26] on 60th rank overall. (out of 186)
Updated: 19/09/2020 — 23:28