Triathlon World Championships U23 in Chicago


22 degrees – 18 degrees water temperature- 65 athletes at the start – neoprene swimming

Bob showed an excellent swim performance, he came 15th out of the water with a delay of 21″ on the Korean Seo (1500 m)

Bob found himself in the 1st cycling group of 30 athletes, a second group of 11 athletes joined in the last of the 8 rounds. A third group of 10 athletes was following at 1’20”.

After a rapid transition, Bob left T2 in 5th position overall to attack the last 10 km.

All goes well until 3 km of the finish where Bob felt the consequences of his viral infection in the last week. He finds himself in a small group of 7 athletes, who were fighting for positions 8 to 14. At that time Bob had to let go, he was fighting with all his strength to reach the finish line on an excellent 12th place, 1’48”  behind the winner Birtwhistle Jake (AUS) – beating big guns like Sullwald, Austin, Verzbikas, Stateff, De Palma, Darmon, Simon Viain and many others.

Personal best time on the 10 km run part during a triathlon: 32’15 ”


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Updated: 19/09/2015 — 15:19