XTERRA X-Trail Wiltz

Very impressive performances by our runners on sunday at the XTERRA X-Trail des Ardennes in Wiltz. Around 300 runners on the 3 different courses ‘enjoyed’ bright sunshine, mild temperatures but a lot of mud on the track to make it a difficult race for everyone.

Carlo Feltes ran the 7.5km short distance trail finishing on an excellent 2nd rank overall and an age group win in M50. Claire Metzdorff finished 3rd female and 1st in W50 as well.

Gavin Hodgson managed to win the 14km middle distance trail in 1:02:44 with a huge lead to second Donal Owens from Ireland. 4th rank overall goes to Chris Doyle in 1:09:27, 15th rank overall was for Guy Theissen in 1:18:12, 30th place for Marc Matgen in 1:25:52 and 56th for Sandra Dümeland in 1:37:52.  (85 runners at the finish line)

Finally, on the 25km long distance trail, no X3M runners were aligned. 12650919_10101573933975860_7871711171008567460_n 12651336_10206602152745827_5399927365596879985_n