Year: 2014

Final results for 2014

Some of our athletes raced the 31st ‘Sylvesterlaf’ in Rambrouch over 10km. Here are the final results for 2014 : 9. David Claerebout 35:57 30. Sam Peters 39:59 38. Sam Nilles 40:45 52. Carlo Feltes 41:53 156. Marc Matgen 47:28 RESULTS – 31. Sylvesterlaf Rambrouch

Bob Haller wins ‘Int. Silvesterlauf Wien’ [german]

BOB HALLER gewinnt mit einer taktischen Meisterleistung den internationalen Silvesterlauf in Wien. 4500 Läufer- und Läuferinnen waren am Start. Es war klirrend kalt bei minus 6 Grad (aber trocken). Am Start war u.a. der dreifache Sieger Dieter Pratschner (AUT), der mit 16’11” die bisher drittschnellste Zeit auf den 5.325 km lief. Vom Start weg bildete […]

11. Deifferdenger Crëschtlaf

Several athletes participated at one of the oldest christmas runs in Luxembourg – the 11th edition of the ‘Crëschtlaf’ in Differdange. Runners could choose between the ‘shorty’ version of 6km or the traditional ‘Enduro’ version of 10km. Carlo Feltes finished in 42:07 and took 25th overall position. Marc Matgen ran 47:23 and placed himself onto […]

Trainingcamp greetings from Bob

Bob Haller, who is currently preparing his upcoming season on the Canarian islands, is sending some training impressions from sunny Fuerteventura… Thanks Bob for sharing your sunny moments with the ones, who have to train in poor and wet conditions… 😉 Take care and stay safe!  

Sam Peters wins in Zell/Mosel

Very impressive start of season for Sam Peters! Sam raced the traditional 5km ‘Geniesser-Lauf’ in Zell/Mosel [GER] – with a strong and steady run in 19:25min on this hilly curvaceous track, he won this race. Congratulations! Our training team mate, Patrick Thill from CAB, finished in good 23:33min.

3-Länner-Trail Lieler/Clervaux

Under hibernal conditions with a slight film of snow, 3 athletes aligned at the 5th edition of the ‘3-Länner Trail Klierf Naturpark Our’. Best result goes to Yves Koch who ran the middle distance trail covering 17km – it took him 1h34 to reach the finish line on very good 21st position overall. Marc Matgen […]

Excellent result from Bahrain

In one of the best and strongest fields ever in a triathlon, Olivier Godart performed extraordinary well reaching 20th rank overall out of more than 850 finishers. The Kingdom of Bahrain turned on perfect race conditions for the 1000 plus athletes in the first international triathlon, all agreed it was an enormous success. Besides some […]

Yearly A.G. in Mersch [in german]

Generalversammlung des X3M Triathlon Mersch Mit neuem Präsidenten ins Jubiläumsjahr Am vergangenen Samstag hielten die Verantwortlichen des Merscher Triathlonvereins ihre vierte Hauptversammlung ab. Neben den Ehrengästen Georges Klepper (FLA) und Kevin Schroeder (FLTRI) hatten sich 30 Mitglieder im Outlet von „Freelander’s“ auf dem Merscherberg eingefunden. Nachdem Hauptsponsor Alex Kapp die Anwesenden begrüßt hatte und dem […]

4. Nikloslaf Esch/Alzette

Good results from our athletes at the 4. Nikloslaf in Esch/Alzette this morning. Mariette Brosius finished 22nd on the 6km in her first race as a X3M member. Well done Mariette! Chris Doyle finished 8th overall in 23:13 and Jean-Claude Schmitz came in on 11th rank overall in 24:10.

10km DEULUX Run Langsur [GER]

Great Job to all X3M’s @ 10,150km Run Langsur Deulux-Lauf Here are the Results: Peters Sam 39’01 Christopher Doyle-tri 39’03 Jean-Claude Schmitz 39’52 Yves Koch 39’58 Carlo Feltes 40’01 Sven Goergen 43’42 Cyril Henricot 44’13 Marc Matgen 46’32 Patrick Thill 50’28 Nora Oliboni 55’23 Nina Gorges 57’22 Mariette Brosius 1’01’22”

Excellent results from the Emirates

Our 2 PRO-members of the team, Olivier Godart (new recrutee from the last transfer period) and David Claerebout, aligned at the inaugural triathlon in Dubai [UAE] covering the middle distance of 1.9-90-21km. The swim was held in calm water off the Atlantis. The cycling portion of the event went along Hessa Street to Dubai Sports […]

Marathon Frankfurt & 10km Ettelbruck

Christopher Bernard finished on excellent 5th rank @ the 10km raod race in Ettelbruck. He finished 1st in his Age Group MHK with an end time of 35:02min. RESULTS – 10km GP Ettelbruck Carlo Feltes ran the Marathon Frankfurt this sunday. His end time was a bit slower than expected – with 4:17:16, he finished […]

Masters-Swimming in Verviers and Luxembourg

Carole Kettenmeyer-Reuland performed very good, once again, in 2 Masters swimming weekends in Verviers [BEL] and at the Lux Master Open. Results in Verviers (25m): 50m Butterfly 35″57 100m Freestyle 1’09″14 200m Butterfly 2’58″11 Results at the Lux Master Open : 50m Breaststroke 41″73 50m Backstroke 37″31 -> new lux. Masters-Record W35-39 100m Freestyle 1’08″77 […]

Strongman Run Differdange

Out of 2232 athletes at the starting grid, Samuel Nilles managed to finish this muddy, hilly, wet, slippy,… track in 2:11:16 on 123rd rank overall. Exhausted but happy! Of about 3,000 registered runners 2,232 dared to run, of which were 1,809 men and 423 women. © Picture by Val Wagner/  

4 athletes at the Haard Trail Dudelange

4 members of our team raced the 4th edition of the 13.8km Haard-Trail in Dudelange. Best performance goes to Jean-Claude Schmitz who reached 15th rank overall in 59:33min. Sam Peters finished on 18th rank, followed by our newest member Yves Koch who finished 23rd. Carlo Feltes took 1:07:46 to finish on 49th position out of […]

Walfer Vollekslaf 2014

Very good performance of Christopher Bernard, who finished 8th overall at the Vollekslaf Walfer over 12km. Please find below the results of our athletes : 1. Yonas Kinde (CAB) 0:39:27 … 8. Christopher Bernard 0:42:48 70. Carlo Feltes 0:48:26 227. Claude Wurth 0:55:14 293. Sam Peters 0:56:59 RESULTS – Vollekslaf Walfer 2014 – MEN RESULTS […]