Committee and new TEAMORGA

Dear Members,
Please let me introduce the new Committee of X3M Triathlon Mersch and a new group we’ve created called TEAM ORGA.

The new committee members are Christian Rola as Vice President and Davide Verga as Technical Director. Both are respectively replacing Jean-Claude Schmitz and Timothee Weber, who left the committee recently due to private reasons.

During the last committee meeting, we have decided to create a group called TEAM ORGA. Please let me introduce the Team Orga members at a first instance before I explain what TEAM ORGA is.

First meeting between Committee and TeamOrga

First meeting between Committee and TeamOrga

Leader of the TEAM ORGA is Cyril Henricot, who is in charge to coordinate the actions of the team and to report to our Technical Director. Cyril will be supported by:
Sarah Gorges, Sven Goergen, Chris Doyle, David Claerebout, Gabriel Sardain and Ermanno Di Miceli.

Within this group, we have two young adults (Sarah Gorges and Gabriel Sardain) who are mainly in charge to liase with the young members. The new generation (we could call “Facebook and smart phone generation”) communicates in an other way than the elderly generation. Therefore, we decided to give our young members the opportunity to have an interface having the same way of thinking/speaking which would help us to transfer informations to the committee and vice versa.

The TEAM ORGA is a group outside of the committee which main task is to gather comments, informations and ideas fromeach member of X3M Triathlon Mersch – these will be shared with the committee in order to take decisions that fit to member’s wishes/needs. The TEAM ORGA will as well transfer informations and decisions from the committee to the members in order to give more transparency about the committee.

Additionally to that, the TEAM ORGA should motivate and persuade each member to join the training sessions and the races in order to create a good group dynamic. You may receive a message or you will be contacted by one of the TEAM ORGA members in due time.
The main target, we have defined at X3M Triathlon Mersch, is that each of us should feel good and have fun with X3M Triathlon Mersch!
I kindly ask you to support the TEAM ORGA in order we can build a new dynamic at X3M Triathlon Mersch.
I wish you a successful season 2013
With best regards

Paul Sardain
President X3M Triathlon Mersch asbl

Updated: 11/07/2015 — 16:35