Resignation of Paul SARDAIN

Dear Members,

As a founding and committee member of X3M Triathlon Mersch, please let me announce that Paul SARDAIN has resigned as Trainer and President of our organisation as of today due to different personal and sportive perceptions about the future focus of the club.

Please let me thank Paul in the name of X3M for his tremendous efforts he put in the organisation of training sessions and to bring the club forward to what it is now. Without all these gratuitous, voluntary, and private efforts of Paul, X3M would not be that far with all the great training structures, team wear, sponsorship deals etc we have currently.

Paul, I have been fortunate to have worked with you for X3M and I wish you every success in future. Thank you very much!

The committee will have to assemble together and take appropriate decisions for the welfare of X3M.

Best regards,

c/o DUHAUTPAS Pascal
Secretary and founding member

Updated: 11/07/2015 — 16:35