IM70.3 Luxembourg – 3 podiums for X3M

At the bike&run IM70.3 Luxembourg in Remich (swim has been cancelled due to algea in the lake of Remerschen), the national triathlon LD championships were included in the age group only race.

On the women’s side, Danièle Flammang took 2nd rank and Michèle Schmit 3rd podium rank at the national championships. New national champ became Isabelle Klein (Trilux).

Claude Lucas took 2nd rank on the national podium (behind Jérôme Ewen and leading Dany Papi), Christian Weyland ran in one step close to the podium on 4th position.

X3M became once again best IM triclub team in this race.

4. LUCAS Claude
21. WEYLAND Christian 3:53:57
77. KOCH Yves 4:09:46
92. PETERS Sam 4:12:12
127. CRISCIONE Emanuele 4:17:47
188. PERSURIC Sebastian 4:25:53
269. (18th female) FLAMMANG Danièle 4:36:07
404. (30th female) SCHMIT Michèle 4:52:19
421. WEIS Luc 4:53:57
585. DE GROOTE Antoine 5:21:10
586. FELTES Carlo 5:21:17
587. ZEIMETZ Ben 5:21:29

📷 @sophie.margue ⁣– Gavin Hodgson – Pia Ries – Javier Higuera

Updated: 14/09/2021 — 20:14