Javier Higuera finished IM Switzerland

Racereport by Javier Higuera :

I debuted on Sunday at IM-Switzerland Thun. A great place and great weather for this unique occasion.

The swim course was very short (3km only), but I swam very comfortably and went straight to the course that I had already inspected in June. During the first hour I was overtaken by many triathletes despite going stronger than planned. I tried to forget about the others and stick to the plan. In the second lap after the accumulated effort, I no longer needed to regulate my power…

On the run I had a good day. The course had too many changes in surface and direction but I managed to overtake many of the strong cyclists that were walking then. I enjoyed it a lot until km 24. From that moment on I started to suffer, but the desire to finish, family and friends supporting me and the aid stations helped me to reach the finish line.

10h21 ‘and 8th of my Age Group is a result that is close to my best dreams.

Updated: 08/09/2021 — 14:59