Postlaf 2016

New participation record, perfect weather conditions and temperatures around 5°C – more than 3000 runners aligned for the 21st edition of the traditional season opener at the Postlaf in Gasperich.

Amongst all of those runners, 13 X3M-athletes used this first road race of the season to check their personal shape. Some new personal best times and a TOP10 club record were the outcome after the 10km.

Please find below the results of our runners :

22HODGSON Gavin7. M3535230:35:39
67DOYLE Chris2. M5030370:38:05
76KOCH Yves19. M301580:38:23
90DE COURCY Bruno9. MJU13200:38:32
93LARUCCIA Emiliano10. M4041350:38:49
121LUCAS Claude25. MHK15520:39:46
269WURTH Claude33. M403930:42:36
373FELTES Carlo25. M5031470:44:18
444MATGEN Marc55. M451920:44:46
800GAUDRON Elis14. W3034860:48:13
834METZDORFF Claire7. W5032020:48:30
1375DUEMELAND Sandra35. W3512430:50:43
1454BROSIUS Mariette56. WHK32430:52:49

tableRESULTS – 21. Postlaf 2016


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