Sonny Eschette & Gilles Miny lux. champs

On sunday, the national championships in OD triathlon were held in Weiswampach under perfect weather conditions.

Once again, the national podiums female and male were fully taken over by our team !!!

In the female category, Sonny Eschette won the national title in 2h41:14, leading Samantha Ecker by 1:06min.

In the male category, 19y old Gilles Miny won his first national elite title by finishing on 7th rank overall in 2h03:52. 2nd national rank goes to Jérôme Ewen who took 8th rank in 2h06:05.

Further results from our athletes :

14. Eric Gonderinger 2h16:09 (10. M24)
23. Alberto Facchinato 2h23:57 (16. M24)
25. Ben Philippe 2h24:44 (17. M24)
66. Yver Origer 2h55:46  (3. M60)


Furthermore, a lot of team members raced in the side events (sprint, duathlon, kids & youth races), find below their results :

Promo triathlon

23. Joe Gengler 1h26:52 (10. M24)

Sprint triathlon

37. Brice Bucciarelli 1h16:17 (6. M40)
51. Juan Carlos de Pablo Robledo 1h20:53 (4. M50)
55. Anne Vincenot 1h23:02 (3. F40)

Duathlon Sprint

5. Moris Brust 1h05:45 (3. M24)
19. Carlo Feltes 1h17:58 (1. M50)
23. Roll Stemmler 1h23:04 (3. M50)

Triathlon Découverte

3. Maxine Libens-Thein 0:26:57 (1. F10)

Junior – Youth A (Sprint Distance)

6. Ben Smallbone 1h05:56 (5. M16)

Youth B

14. Rémi Bucciarelli 0:38:34 (13. M14)
15. Sarah Mousel 0:39:39 (2. F14)
Updated: 22/08/2022 — 22:53