Training Event organized by our TeamOrga

Last saturday, our TeamOrga organized a very nice social training event in Remerschen. Unfortunately at the last moment, Stephane & Christophe Schroeder and his friend Yann didn’t manage to come. Here is a list of those that were in attendance:
David Claerebout, Davide Verga, Chris Doyle, Chris Rola, Maria Peiretti (symbolic, she biked on her own while the others swam), the 3 Gorges teenagers Nina, Sara, Oliver and last but not least Sven Georgen (swim only).

The ambience was excellent!!! The athletes regrouped several times to wait for the slower swimmers. We all biked together, no problem, about 40 km more or less along the route du vin as suggested (the group took the bike path on the German side instead of main road). In the run, which was modified at the last minute, no problem. First to finish was Chris D., then David C. who stayed back to accompany Sara G. (Nina didn’t run), final run distance was about 5km.

After a final transition, Davide V. and Chris D. took another cool-off swim in the lake, which was glorious!! Remerschen is great to train there and then be able to cool off that way. It helps you to get motivated to finish….

Updated: 21/07/2015 — 11:09