Triathlon Weekend Echternach

From Friday to Sunday, Trilux organized its traditional triathlon event around the lake of Echternach, including a 10km race, kids and youth races, the OD triathlon on saturday afternoon and to conclude, a sprint triathlon on sunday morning.

Pascal Duhautpas was the only X3M-runner at the 10km race on friday evening. He finished in 41:22min on 15th rank overall out of only 55 runners at the finish line. Mariette Brosius, X3M triathlete but running under CAEG licence, finished on 6th female rank in 51:25min.

On saturday morning, the kids did very well despite the very poor weather conditions with pouring rain and rather cool temperatures.

Kids-Triathlon (2006-2009) – 13 participants 


1. MOOG Mathis (CAEG) KIDS-A (1.) 0:14:17
3. SCHILTZ Finn (X3M) KIDS-A (3.) 0:15:07
4. HEYART Tom (CAEG) KIDS-A (4.) 0:15:20
5. MOOG Jules (CAEG) KIDS-B (1.) 0:15:23

Youth-Triathlon (2002-2005) – 27 participants  


13. RIES Noémie (CAEG) YOUTH female C (1.) 0:31:47
16. WEISHAAR Leo (CAEG) YOUTH male C (4.) 0:33:39
20. SMALLBONE Ben (X3M) YOUTH male C (6.) 0:34:59

Bob Haller won the OD triathlon in Echternach in a very good end time of 1:55:33 still under difficult and wet conditions on saturday afternoon. He led german athlete Yannic Stollwerk by 46sec and Tom Krier on 3rd by 7:02min.

Excellent 5th rank goes to Claude Lucas in 2:04:56 – he managed to set the best bike performance of the day. Overall rank 25 goes to Javier Higuera in 2h22min and 48th rank is for Roger Clesse in 2h37min.


Updated: 02/07/2017 — 01:09