Year: 2015

32. Sylvesterlaf Rambrouch

Several runners have chosen a road race to conclude the year 2015 and to burn some calories before the traditional new year’s eve banquets… 😉 In Rambrouch, the traditional hilly 10km road race was held for the 32nd time with a new participation record of more than 600 runners overall. Best result goes to David […]

Bob Haller Sieger beim Silvesterlauf Wien

Es bildete sich vom Start weg eine 5er-Gruppe mit Bob, dem Vorjahreszweiten Balint Horvath (Ungarn), dem dreiffachen Sieger und Streckenbestzeit Inhaber Dieter Pratscher (1610″/AUT), dem Deutschen Fabian Fiedler und dem Rumänen Peter Herman. Diese 5 legten vom Start weg ein flottes Tempo vor (3’01” für Km1)…. und bis km 4 bieb diese Gruppe zusammen. Dann […]

6. 3-Länner Trail Klierf Naturpark Our

Over 10km, Carlo Feltes (Nr. 454) finished on excellent 9th position overall in 0:52:10. Our newest member, Claire Metzdorff (Nr. 455), finished on 26th rank overall and 6th female in 1:03:44, followed by Elisabeth ‘Elis’ Gaudron (Nr. 492) on 30th rank (7th female) in 1:05:31. Marc Matgen (Nr. 270) ran the longer 18km course and […]

12. Chrëschtlaf RBUAP in Differdange

Some athletes ran one of the last road races of 2015 in Differdange during the ’12. Chrëschtlaf RBUAP’ over 6km or 10km. Best result on the 10km goes to Bruno de Courcy in 43:02min on 22nd rank overall and 2nd in junior AG. Antoine de Groote finished on 59th rank in 49:03min. (128 finisher) On […]

Indoor Lafmeeting Coque

Bob Haller finished 6th at the 1000m race during the first seasonal athletics indoor meeting. Bob wanted to test his sprint performances and ran the 1000m in 2:38:05, 4:22sec behind winner Christian Marx from Fola Esch. RESULTS – Indoor Meeting Coque

16th Siebengebirgsmarathon Bad Honnef [GER]

Pierre Rossler ran the 16th 7-Gebirgsmarathon in Bad Honnef/Aegidienberg [GER]. This very demanding race course has an altitude difference of 650m and  guides the runners around the natural reserve ‘Siebengebirge’. Pierre finished in 4:20:54 on 256th rank overall and 66th in AG M45. 463 marathon runners crossed the finish line in Aegidienberg.

3. Cross-Country CSL Baambësch

Several athletes aligned at the 3rd cross-country race in Baambësch on sunday. X3M athletes achieved very good performances though. In the main race over 6980m, Bob Haller showed a very strong performance by taking 3rd rank overall, only 4sec to winner Charel Grethen (CSL) and only 2sec behind ethopian Yonas Kinde (CELTIC). Bob was even […]

IM70.3 Bahrain – O. Godart 13th

Olivier Godart showed, once again, an extraordinary performance on a 70.3 race. On sunday, he aligned at the IM70.3 Bahrain, unfortunately reduced to a bike&run due to winds of Gale Force and dangerous currents in the open sea. Olivier managed to ride the 90km on the bike in ludicrous 2:01:43 (average of 44.3km/h), placing him […]

La Saintélyon 72km trail [FRA]

Antoine Lallier ran the 62th SaintéLyon last week-end, a very special race in France between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. Start is at midnight, it’s half road / half trail and 72km long. For his second attempt, Antoine finished in 6 hours and 50 minutes, which ranked him 96th over 5,523 finishers. RESULTS – Saintélyon

21. Adventslauf Saarbrücken

Carlo Feltes and Marc Matgen raced the 21st ‘Adventslauf’ in Saarbrücken today. Carlo finished in 41:25 on 83rd rank overall, Marc reached 141st rank in 45:15 – overall 385 finishers over this traditional 10km race. RESULTS – 21. Adventslauf Saarbrücken

2. Cross-Country Belvaux

Good results from Jil and Ben Langer at the second cross-country of this hibernal season in Belvaux (Galgenbierg). Jil ranked 9th out of 31 runners in the ‘Scolaires/F’ category (born in 2003/2004), she finished the 1860m in 8:57. Well done! Ben ran the 750m ‘Benjamin’ race without any timing resp. ranking. 39 boys born in […]

Election Meilleur Sportif du Luxembourg 2015

Notre athlète Bob Haller finit sur une honorable 9e place dans le classement du meilleur sportif luxembourgeois 2015. Avec ses bonnes prestations au cours de l’année 2015, Bob a su se placer définitivement parmi les athlètes phares du sport luxembourgeois. Félicitations du club entier pour cette distinction! TROPHÉE DU MEILLEUR SPORTIF 1. Gilles Muller (tennis) […]

2. Freelander’s Trail Mersch-Hollenfels is history

The second edition of the Freelander’s Trail Mersch-Hollenfels was a tremendous success – new participation record, perfect weather conditions, no major issues on the track and happy people at the finishline. THANK YOU! The long distance over 18.1km was won by belgium runner FRANCOIS REDING, who won this edition with an end time of 1:14:22, […]

13. Trail Uewersauer

Please find enclosed the results for the 13th Uewersauer Trail last week-end. Antoine Lallier ran the long 53k distance and Carlo Feltes the sprint trail of 10k. Overall, Antoine finished on an excellent 10th rank overall out of 314 finishers, and 5th for the national championship. Carlo ranked 17th out of 256 finishers on the […]

Olivier Godart captures Dubai Triathlon title

More than 800 professional and amateur athletes swam, cycled and ran in the second Dubai International Triathlon, won by Dubai resident and X3M athlete Olivier Godart. The Luxembourg native crossed the finish line first to complete the half iron distance in a time of 4:08:39. Godart was followed by Till Schramm, who made his move […]

24. Deulux-Lauf Langsur

Once again, new participation record set at the 24. Deulux run in Langsur over 10km. 1777 finishers crossed the finishline, right in the middle 8 runners from X3M. Best performance of the day goes to Yves Koch, who set a new personal record with an net end time of 37:24min and won the national P&T […]


Chris Rola, vice-president of X3M Triathlon Mersch, sent some encouraging news from hospital : Hello everyone, as most you know, I had a health scare almost a month now. I had a ruptured aneurysm that caused internal bleeding and thanks to my wife’s quick thinking I was at the clinic then at centre hospitalier neurosurgeon’s […]

Cross-Challenge Peters-Sports 1, Rodange

Jil and Ben Langer (2 of our youngest recrutees of the transfer period) participated successfully at the first cross run of the hibernal season 2015/2016. Ben ran the 560m of the Benjamin race (born in 2007/2008) without any classification in this age group. Jil had to run 1810m in the ‘Scolaires’ age group (born in […]

Road races during the weekend

Christopher Bernard is back in X3M! On Friday evening, Chris raced the traditional 5km road race ‘Belle Etoile Fakel-Laf’ in Bertrange finishing on excellent 8th rank overall with an end time of 17:14min. Well done! Yves Koch ran the 5km in preparation of the Deulux-Lauf next weekend, it took him 18:56min for the 5km (24th […]

Red-Rock-Challenge X-Duathlon

Gavin Hodgson raced the Cross-Duathlon (22km MTB // 10km Run Trail // 18km MTB) during the Red Rock Challenge event in Belvaux. During this Duathlon, the participant starts with his MTB at Lycée Belval to join the Fond-de-Gras, a historic cultural industrial site (22km). From the transition zone, the running circuit (10 km) leads the […]